Noun: The study of quality drink experiences as they relate to cocktails; curiosity and appreciation for mixed alcoholic beverages.  Derived from dipsa, Ancient Greek for thirst and dipsomania, a 19th century medical condition involving an uncontrollable craving for alcohol

Dipsology is your curated guide to New York City’s most noteworthy cocktail destinations. We’re always on the lookout for great drinks – and great drinking experiences.  Looking for a late night party spot? A romantic nook for two?  Boozy brunch with your friends?  Our collection of venue profiles, drink menus and neighborhood guides will help you decide where to go and what to drink.  Think of us as your local cocktail concierge.

For now, you can see our list of top cocktail spots from A-Zview by neighborhood, or browse by activity.  You can also visit our blog for “best of” articlesbar spotlights and more.

What constitutes a Dipsology bar?

A Dipsology bar has created a thoughtful beverage program with a curated cocktail menu featuring top shelf liquor, fresh ingredients and a high level of service & execution.

Why Dipsology? 

The past few years have seen an explosion of classic and craft cocktails, with speakeasy-type bars opening in cities across the US and abroad.  Even restaurants and hotel bars are paying extra attention to their beverage programs.  But while there is no shortage of media coverage of mixologists, bartenders and their craft beverages, very little has been said about the people on the other side of the bar.

Meet the dipsology community.

Dipsologists encompass urban drinkers of many varieties. Some of us could be considered liquor foodies, others recovering wine and beer junkies (although the two are not mutually exclusive!). Some dipsologists possess uncanny knowledge of cocktail culture, while others are simply searching for new experiences and places.  What we have in common is this: a thirst for the unknown, a discerning palette, and an appreciation for great shared experiences.

Our goal is to create a community for cocktail lovers through discovery and education while supporting local businesses and professionals.  We hope you’ll join us!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know! Email us at:

adrienne at dipsology dot com

or, alexa at dipsology dot com


Who We Are

Adrienne Stillman
Adrienne was introduced to the wonderful world of cocktails in a whirlwind evening that started at Pegu Club and ended at Milk & Honey back in 2005.  She’s been slowly but surely converting her friends ever since.  A native New Yorker and self-confessed food nerd, Adrienne used to work in finance, until it got in the way of her drinking habit.  Now, her drinking habit is her job.

Most likely to be found at: Milk & Honey
Drinking: a bourbon cocktail
Strangest cocktail experience: Earth of England at The Whistling Shop in London, made with Hereford soil distillate.  That’s right, soil as in dirt.
Favorite bar snack: truffle popcorn at The Modern Barroom
Last stop after a late night out: Mikey’s on Ludlow, for the cheese fries
Never leave home without: my Little Branch door token

Follow Adrienne on Twitter @alstillman and read about her non-cocktail exploits on her blog, À La Gourmande.

Alexa Scordato 
Alexa is a marketing geek by day and cocktail nerd by night. She is a lover of online community building and couldn’t be more excited to bring the masses together around great drinks. As a proud Upper West Sider, she hopes to see more dipsology-worthy bars join the neighborhood in the near future.

Most likely to be found at: The Tippler or Mayahuel
Drinking: anything with St. Germain or coffee
Strangest cocktail experience: first time finding Angel’s share; made a wrong turn and wound up on the fire escape. whoops.
Favorite bar snack: cured meats of any kind
Last stop after a late night out: Artichoke Pizza or the nearest 24 hour diner
Never leave home without: a cell phone charger

Follow Alexa on Twitter @alexa.

Meet the rest of the Dipsology team

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