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Adrienne Stillman
Adrienne was introduced to the wonderful world of cocktails in a whirlwind evening that started at Pegu Club and ended at Milk & Honey back in 2005.  She’s been slowly but surely converting her friends ever since.  A native New Yorker and self-confessed food nerd, Adrienne used to work in finance, until it got in the way of her drinking habit.  Now, her drinking habit is her job.

Most likely to be found at: Milk & Honey
Drinking: a bourbon cocktail
Strangest cocktail experience: Earth of England at The Whistling Shop in London, made with Hereford soil distillate.  That’s right, soil as in dirt.
Favorite bar snack: truffle popcorn at The Modern Barroom
Last stop after a late night out: Mikey’s on Ludlow, for the cheese fries
Never leave home without: my Little Branch door token

Follow Adrienne on Twitter @alstillman and read about her non-cocktail exploits on her blog, À La Gourmande.

Alexa Scordato
Alexa is a marketing geek by day and cocktail nerd by night. She is a lover of online community building and couldn’t be more excited to bring the masses together around great drinks. As a proud Upper West Sider, she hopes to see more dipsology-worthy bars join the neighborhood in the near future.

Most likely to be found at: The Tippler or Mayahuel
Drinking: anything with St. Germain or coffee
Strangest cocktail experience: first time finding Angel’s share; made a wrong turn and wound up on the fire escape. whoops.
Favorite bar snack: cured meats of any kind
Last stop after a late night out: Artichoke Pizza or the nearest 24 hour diner
Never leave home without: a cell phone charger

Follow Alexa on Twitter @alexa.

New York General Manager & Cocktail Maven

Marysa Mitch

Marysa Mitch is a freelance writer focusing on the food and drink industry. As NY General Manager & Cocktail Maven of Dipsology she’s an expert on where to go and what to drink in our fine city. Marysa is also a contributing writer for The Alcohol Professor and has been known to share her ramblings on booze, life and just about anything on her blog, limerence + liquor.

Most likely to be found at: Middle Branch or Evelyn

Drinking: Whiskey. In a cocktail, with a beer…you name it.

With: her partner in crime, Cathy

Follow Marysa @msmarysa and check out her Dipsology coverage


Jackie Armstrong

Jackie is a HR manager for a fashion brand by day, but considers that her side job. Growing up in New York, Jackie finally took her love of food and cocktails to the page as a freelance writer. She is also the founder of One Girl’s Dish, a blog dedicated to keeping you informed on all the best food and drink events happening in NYC.

Most likely to be found at: Corkbuzz

Drinking: They have a great tequila cocktail with mezcal, agave, bitter and lemon. I love mezcal anything.

With: My roommate Natalia and I are pretty attached at the hip. I have no problem sharing a cocktail with the bartenders on my own. They always know what I like – and I always stay till closing.

Follow Jackie @onegirlsdish and check out her Dipsology coverage

Regan Hofmann

Regan Hofmann is an unaccredited supertaster whose writing about food can be found at and, among others. She has lots of opinions, which she shares on Twitter.

Most likely to be found at: Dutch Kills

Drinking: a perfect Manhattan

With: whoever’s buying

Follow Regan @Regan_Hofmann and check out her Dipsology coverage

Victor Low

Victor is a cocktail enthusiast and self-proclaimed foodie. A marketer by day, he spends his leisure time exploring everything New York City has to offer.

Most likely to be found at: Apotheke

Drinking: the latest concoction

With: anyone I can drag with me!

Follow Victor @victorylow and check out his Dipsology coverage


Keeley Nakamoto

Born and raised in Southern California, Keeley Nakamoto has found her home-away-from-home in the arms of Manhattan’s eateries and alehouses.  A recent college grad, she is still trying to figure out her place in the culinary cosmos, but rest assured the night will always end in a nosh-fest–a savory specimen in one hand and a boozy brew in the other.

Most likely to be found at: Death & Co

Drinking: Mortal Enemy: a perfectly balanced concoction of gin, creme de cacao, black currant cordial, lime juice, and absinthe

With: my favorite foodie, Patrick

Follow Keeley @peachy0034 and check out her Dipsology coverage

Barbara Pisch

Barbara is a New Yorker with a passion for spirits and cocktails.  A textile and furniture historian and dealer by day, she is an adventurous eater and drinker by night.

Most likely to be found at: the Wythe Hotel terrace for cocktails, or Littleneck for a beer

Drinking: a Manhattan, or sipping tequila neat

With: my fellow contributor Marysa!

Check out Barbara’s Dipsology coverage

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  1. Hey there:

    We’d like to invite your team to an intimate tasting Peach Street Distillers is hosting in Brooklyn on July 9th. We’ll be serving most of our portfolio (everything from pear brandy, colorado bourbon, artisan vodka to a small batch gin).

    Can you provide me with an email that I can send the invite to?


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