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Winning Cocktails To Impress Your Holiday Guests

November 27th, 2013 | by Marysa

Your mother is taking care of the main course, your cousin said he'd bring dessert, appetizers are your grandmother's specialty, so where does that leave you? You could show up empty handed to holiday dinner, but we all know you'll get the side eye and bit of guilt over pumpkin pie. So instead bring the gift of fabulous cocktails. It's been a favorite gift of mine for some time now. Not only do you bring some great spirits to stock your host's bar, but you also get a chance to be creative. And after a tipple or two everyone will be talking about your contribution to the holiday meal, even if it was your mother who woke up at 4am to start the roast

Sneak Peek: Golden Cadillac

November 8th, 2013 | by Marysa

To filmmakers and kids who watched too much TV, 1977 was a time in which all bars looked like Golden Cadillac. The new bar's ostentatiously faux wood paneling, mirrored surfaces, and exceptionally flattering warm lighting scheme are the stuff of movie makers' dreams, the kind of shiny glamour that only exists in children's fantasies of grown-up-ness. And yet here on a corner of First Avenue it's real, inspired by movies like Mean Streets, yes, but also by the men and women who made bars like this real for a decade

Celebrate New York’s 1st Ever Champagne Week!

October 18th, 2013 | by Marysa

You would think a city that hosts some of the best parties and loves to celebrate in style would have had a week celebrating champagne long ago. Yes, this is a huge oversight and I feel bad for all the champagne loving folks who missed out years ago. But lucky for you, because coming up November 4-8th New York will host the 1st ever NYC Champagne Week! Now, you could celebrate by drinking some bubbly every night by yourself in your apartment. But who are you kidding, you do that every night and this is a celebration! So time to get out there and mingle at the various happy hours, dinners and tasting events lined up. For all our fellow dipsologists, there's an event in particular we know you'll really enjoy - The Champagne Cocktail Competition on November 5th at Experimental Cocktail Club

Jägermeister Cook-Off: BBQ & Cocktails

September 10th, 2013 | by Marysa

Jägermeister. You know the name. You've had your fair share of ice cold shots of the delicious German liqueur in your youth. And hopefully, as fellow dipsologists, you've had the pleasure of a well-made Jägermeister cocktail. However, your journey with the liqueur doesn't end there. As I found out recently, you can cook with it

Ladies, Know Your Liquor!

August 13th, 2013 | by Marysa

  by Marysa Mitch Hello. My name is Marysa. I’m a woman. Some might even say a girly girl. I [&hellip

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