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Dipsy Digest: August 9


A weekly (or so) round up of our favorite spirited reading materials.  

August 9, 2013

Young Adult Drinkers’ Preference Shifts Towards Liquor
Young adult drinkers’ alcoholic beverage preferences have changed dramatically over the past two decades. In the early 1990s, 71% of adults under age 30 said they drank beer most often; now it is 41% among that age group. Younger adults’ preferences have shifted toward both liquor and wine, but more so toward liquor, over the past two decades. Those between the ages of 30 and 49 have moved exclusively toward liquor.

New Kids on the Block
From comes a list of summer’s 47 “must-try” liquors, liqueurs, and the like.  While your expectations are met with more conventional items on the list like #4, Jacob White Ghost Whiskey, Jim Beam’s newest whiskey varietal, there are suggestions for the more adventurous like #45, Basement Bitters Bitter Frost, a bitter described as “God’s liquid bacon.”

The Saga of Spanish Rum
Although you may be most familiar with the Caribbean, South, and Central American produced strains of rum, Spain is taking the reins and reclaiming this sugarcane spirit.  Difford’s Guide Magazine gives you a behind the scenes look at the long history of Spanish rum and how modern-day distilleries work in the land of Picasso and paella.

A Tasty Tanqueray Tipple 
In New York where we have the luxury of being able to purchase sun-sweetened local strawberries at farmers’ markets, the Ford Mixology Lab offers up an excellent recipe for homemade strawberry syrup.  This delectable additive can be used to create a stellar DIY cocktail that rivals those of mixologists around town.  Enter the Strawberry Gin Gimlet. 

Reinventing the Brunch Favorite: The Bloody Mary
There’s nothing to cure that Sunday morning hangover like…another drink.  Instead of waiting in lines that stretch on for hours, get your boozy brunch on at home with these three variations of the classic Bloody Mary by Todd Thrasher.  Take advantage of that beautiful summer produce and get mixin’!


July 26, 2013

A Belated Celebration of National Tequila Day
Even though National Tequila Day was two days ago, we here at Dipsology never think it’s too late to celebrate that blue agave goodness.  Eric Asimov of The New York Times shares with readers the results of a tequila tasting from a panel including famed mixology genius Jim Meehan.  The article includes a useful flavor profile breakdown of the 10 best value tequilas that were chosen.  Then, head to these Brooklyn barrooms that are serving up refreshing tequila cocktails that will start your weekend off right.

Yet Another Reason to Celebrate
Seeing as the national spirit of England is gin, it only seems fitting that the newest British royal is welcomed to this world with the juniper juice.  While Princess Kate’s bouncy baby boy may be several decades away from the legal drinking age, you, on the other hand, are invited to–nay, obligated to–drink on his behalf.  First, check out how the classic gin and tonic is getting a facelift, then witness Pam Wiznitzer of The Dead Rabbit whip up a killer cocktail fit for a king.

Tony Conigliaro: The Mad ScientMixologist
In a building that was once Pink Floyd’s recording studio, Tony Conigliaro is crossing the boundaries between science, art, and mixology.  While he rebuffs the title of scientist, Conigliaro is producing some groundbreaking work in the world of cocktail concoction using atypical ingredients to produce equally unordinary, yet exceptional, results.  Professionals and home-bar practitioners can acquire a wealth of wisdom from his recently published The Cocktail Lab: Unraveling the Mysteries of Flavor and Aroma in Drink, with Recipes.

The Martini: Deceptively Complex
While it may seem to some a straightforward combination of spirit, vermouth, and ice, the martini is a drink that takes more finesse than expected to perfect.  Difford’s Guide Magazine teaches us how a seemingly infinite number of variables can be tweaked and twisted to affect the flavor of this ever-sexy bar staple.  Use your newfound knowledge to try out these 7 martini variations from

The Ultimate Shape-shifter that is American Whiskey
Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about American Whiskey, Ian Cameron of Difford’s Guide Magazine had to turn you on your head.  His article describes the innovations that are currently taking place in American whiskey production and what the future of this intricate beverage may hold.

July 19, 2013

The Grandaddy of Daiquiri
This Sunday would be the 114th birthday of the brilliant literary lush, Ernest Hemingway.  Known as much for his talent to consume copious amounts of hooch as his talent to write, Hemingway  is the subject of Philip Greene’s recently published mixological biography  To Have and to Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion. shares its conversation with Greene and raises a toast to Hemingway.  If you’re looking for another reason to celebrate aside from the dear ink slinger’s name day or just the plain fact that it’s Friday, be pleased to know that today is National Daiquiri Day!  Here’s a how-to from Tasting Table’s Anatomy of a Cocktailincluding a delicious variation named after Ernest himself.

Simple & Divine: The Manhattan
Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax teaches you how to mix up the perfect make-ahead drink on Eater’s Cocktail University.  What could be easier than combining all of the ingredients and throwing them in the freezer ahead of time?  This Manhattan is ready when you are, so leave that post-work beer in your fridge for another time and treat yourself to a real drink–you deserve it.

Battle the Heat Wave with Watermelon
Well, New York, unfortunately the unbearable heat doesn’t feel like it’s going to let up anytime soon.  Cool off with these watermelon cocktails from Serious Eats.  After all, watermelons aren’t just for eating.

History Lesson for the Day: The Smash
Often confused with a julep, the Smash is a cocktail to be revered in its own right.  Imbibe magazine provides us with the history of the Smash and explains how it differs from its well-known Southern cousin.


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