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Double Buzz: Coffee & Cocktails at Amor y Amargo


by Adrienne

Last weekend, East Village bitters bar Amor y Amargo launched coffee service on the weekends. Offered from 11am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays, the program is the brainchild of the bar’s beverage director Sother Teague and Maialino’s head barista Natalie Czech.

Unlike many other coffee cocktails, at Amor the menu features two distinct coffee varieties from Counter Culture: Ndaroini, from Kenya, and Finca El Puente, from Honduras.  And, in keeping with the bar’s regular cocktails, the only other ingredients come from their collection of spirits and potable & non-potable bitters.


The coffee is brewed using a traditional Japanese pour over technique. A small amount of pebble ice is added to a Yarai mixing glass, then boiling water is poured over coffee beans that are ground to order. As Natalie explains, this ensures you get the ideal level of concentration and flavor. A small portion of coffee is set aside and served straight, with one small ice cube, while the rest is combined with various spirits and bitters. All cocktails are served cold.

On my recent visit, I sampled Grandma’s Coffee — inspired by Sother’s grandmother’s “tea”, aka scotch — with Apple Brandy, Cognac, Cocchi Americano, Becherovka (an herbal Czech spirit), Peychaud’s & Apple Bitters.  True to its name, it smelled like an apple pie. The coffee was bright & citrusy at first, but mellowed out to contain deep chocolate notes. The whole thing combined made for easy and enjoyable afternoon drinking.

Current Menu

Morning Stubble
Ndaroini, Meletti, Bonal, Gin, Rye, Tiki Bitters

Purple Drank
Finca El Puente, Mezcal, Zucca, Lavender Bitters

Nyeri Sunrise
Ndaroini, Tequila, Averna, Orange Citrate & Mole Bitters, topped with Pacifico

8 Amaro Corretto
Finca El Puente, 8 amaro, chartreuse rinse, Peychaud’s bitters

Grandma’s Coffee
Ndaroini, Apple Brandy, Cognac, Cocchi Americano, Becherovka, Peychaud’s & Apple Bitters


And, if you’re lucky, Sother will have been at work in the kitchen beforehand too making quiche .



Adrienne is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dipsology.  When she’s not drinking, sleeping &  breathing cocktails, she can probably be found in Napa, drinking wine instead.  You can read about her non-cocktail adventures on her blog “à la gourmande” and follow her @alstillman.

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