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I Love/I Hate Cocktails

One of our favorite seminars at Tales of the Cocktail was I Love/I Hate Cocktails featuring two teams arguing each side of the debate debate.  On the love side, Mr. Allen Katz, owner of the New York Distilling Company (maker of gin and proprietor of The Shanty in Williamsburg) and Mr. Jacob Briars, the 7th most popular bartender in… New Zealand.

And for the haters, Mr. Angus Winchester, global brand ambassador for Tanqueray (who later won best international brand ambassador at the Spirited Awards); Mr. Max Watman, writer of spirits for the Huffington Post, among others; and Mr. Toby Cecchini, the alleged inventor of the Cosmopolitan and a writer at the NY Times magazine.

Who won? Here are some of our favorite quotes – what do you think?

  1. Max Watman, on going out in NY: “Let’s go to one of New York’s premiere cocktail establishments where you have to crawl through the mouth of a stuffed buffalo to get in.”
  2. Max Watman, on cocktails, at 10:30am on a Saturday: “The cocktail is not a refreshment.  You’ve all been here a few days.  Do you feel refreshed?”
  3. Max Watman, on the dangers of cocktails: “Cocktails are a tool to pry open the wallets of men and the legs of women.  Cocktails are deceit in a glass.”
  4. Allen Katz: “Some people like cock.  Some people like tail.  Some people like both, which is just fine with me.  And I believe same sex marriage should be legal in this country … So to sum up, if you believe in marriage equality, you must also love cocktails.”
  5. Angus Winchester, on the beauty of straight spirits: “Cocktails are like drinking with training wheels on.  They are the gateway to spirits.”
  6. Angus Winchester, on custom- made cocktails: “Jack and Pepsi, no ice.  That’s a bespoke cocktail.”
  7. Jacob Briars: “If this is how you show your hatred for cocktails, I’d like to see you show some affection!”
  8. Random woman in the audience: “I’d like my bartender to not assume I want something pink and sweet just because I’m a woman.”
  9. Jacob Briars: “I love cocktails, because they are greater than the sum of their very excellent parts.”


Big shout out to Shaina Rubin, our artist extraordinaire.  You can check out her other work at:

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