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Ladies, Know Your Liquor!


by Marysa Mitch

Hello. My name is Marysa. I’m a woman. Some might even say a girly girl. I run (and run well) like a girl. I paint my toenails. I like the color pink. I like whiskey. And tequila. And rum. I like them neat. I like them in cocktails. I drink, and I drink well. Wait, did you remember I’m a woman?

Ok, so for people who know me, this isn’t shocking.  But for some, whiskey, and liquor in general, does not mesh with their idea of what women are or should be. Wine? Yes, we can drink wine because it’s ladylike. Skinny Girl cocktails? Oh, we should drink that because we care about our figures. Scotch? Tequila? Heavens no! Ladies shouldn’t drink like… men.  And here’s what I have to say to that, “Quiet down, society. I will drink what I want, when I want and how I want. Because a woman is a real woman when she drinks what she desires, even if that includes what some label men’s drinks – regardless of what society thinks.”

I was recently given an advanced copy of Kayleigh Kulp’s book, Booze for Babes: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Drinking Spirits Right and as I was reading it I couldn’t help but smile. First, it’s a great read and provided information that I, as a newly self-professed booze geek, didn’t even know.  Second, it’s about time women, all women, not just the ones working in the industry, learn how to drink better.

Kayleigh explains in Booze for Babes why it’s helpful to know your liquor:

I’m not saying you need to know about every single brand of whiskey and exactly where it comes from, but you should know the difference between scotch and bourbon, and that’s just the beginning. Why? Aside from the fact that a woman who can knowingly appreciate everything from a single malt scotch to a simple, well-made sidecar is damn sexy, you should be able to confidently make, ask for, and receive good drinks. Not only will this infinitely increase your enjoyment of imbibing, but it will also help us blow the lid off of the women-don’t-know-Jack-about-liquor stereotype.

For women (and men!) who are interested in learning more about the liquor they are drinking, please visit the Booze for Babes Kickstarter page and pick up your advanced copy of the book. The Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow, so don’t delay.

And, as always, if you have questions or want to see a topic covered on our site please email me. We want to help you drink better!


Featured images from my cocktail adventures around New York City.


Marysa is the NYC General Manager & Cocktail Maven of Dipsology. She is also a contributing writer for The Alcohol Professor and shares her love of spirits, beer, and wine on her blog, limerence + liquor.  You can follow her on Twitter at @msmarysa.



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Marysa is the NYC General Manager & Cocktail Maven of Dipsology. She is also a contributing writer for The Alcohol Professor. You can follow her on Twitter at @msmarysa.

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