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Published on September 19th, 2012 | by Dipsology


Pouring Ribbons

Pouring Ribbons occupies a light, airy space one flight up on Avenue B near 14th Street.  It’s a great spot to go when you want an incredible cocktail, minus the intense cocktail bar scene.  The decor is all blue and wood with a beautiful long bar along one wall and a mixture of booths, high and low tables around the rest of the space – good for groups, or a date, or single at the bar.  The menu includes 15 house and 15 classic cocktails which are all plotted on a handy chart on a scale of Refreshing to Spirituous and Comforting to Adventurous (see the menu pdf with chart here).

Who: Friends, a low key date

What: The drinks are top notch (and you should take advantage of their cocktail to choose what you’re in the mood for) but the hidden gem is the vintage Chartreuse selection carefully curated by partner Troy Sidle.

When: They’ve just opened but we expect it to be slammed during weekend prime time, and a great place to stop by on a weeknight for a night cap or casual after work drinks

Good for: Low key date – Casual drinks – Fun for singles – Late night – Groups

Reservations: Not accepted  |   Max Group Size: N/A
Food: Small Plates    |   Wine: Yes  |   Beer: Yes


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